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Fiber internet service raises the bar for businesses in Cambodia. MekongNet ISP provides business-grade internet service that leverages on a nationwide fiber coverage to deliver fast, stable and reliable connection.

Digitize your business and evolve with ever changing business landscape. The global pandamic has acellerated the growth of businesses it also highlights the significance of having a strong and stable business internet service.

  • Restaurants and diners migrate to online food deliveries
  • Market stalls and in person shops evolved into social media live selling
  • Face to face classroom sessions are now by video conferencing
  • Business meetings turns to video calls
  • Product launches and Expos are now done remotely livestreaming online

Who is it for?
Anyone and everyone who needs continous, consistent and stable internet is recommended to get business grade internet service. This service has been molded around the idea of a business environment where a consistent heavy flow of data is a norm, making it suitable for any office / business setup from small marketing agencies, to cafes and restaurants, to hotels, schools, banks, up to giant corporations.

How fast?
With the use of fiber optic technology we can go from 1Mbps (one megabit per second) up to 1Tbps (one terabit per second), MekongNet ISP offers flexible and scalable bandwidth, which allows you to adjust based on your company needs.

Common Add Ons: MekongNet offers more than your  average wifi internet service for your company, additional services to better tailorfit your needs are possible by requests.
Public IP, Roaming Wi-Fi, HotSpot, DPLC/IPLC, Dedicated line, Special route.

Support Level: Fiber internet is already very resilient which makes technical problems a very rare event, despite we have a support team ready to respond at any hour of the day, everyday.
Up to 99.98% Service Level Agreement + 24/7 technical support

Above and Beyond: With this service, your information travels with the speed of light, the only limits will be how fast can your equipment handle and how much speed you think is enough.
No data capacity limit. Which means unlimited number of uploads and downloads.
Nationwide Coverage. MekongNet ISP has a strong and growing 80% coverage of the entire country

As time passes we, MekongNet ISP continue to be ranked as one of the top isps for businesses in Cambodia. As we establish ourselves as one of the most trusted holistic business internet solutions provider in the country.


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