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SMS. An acronym for short message service or a text message. Almost everyone with a mobile phone (cellphone) will have the ability to receive an SMS, because it is integrated as one of the fundamental functions starting from the most basic feature phones, up to the latest and most expensive flagship smartphones. The people who can receive SMS has grown immensely, as of April 2021 there are approximately 13 million social media users in Cambodia and 11 million of them are using mobile devices.

Why MekongNet SMS

  • We are the longest service and most  trusted SMS provider in the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • We are officially partnered with all the mobile telcos in the country, so we can send  to all networks
  • We use official routes for our SMS which lowers the risk of unwanted data leaks
  • We put high value on data security, we even integrated an OTP masking feature where only the target receiver can see the code

Example use cases. SMS marketing is an effective way to broadcast information such as:

More leads, create a hype and increase customer loyalty.

Great for shops, botiques, clinics, spas, restaurants, shopping malls and e-commerce apps.

Extra level of authentication on apps like online banking.

Easy and efficient way to keep your employees and or customers informed with the latest updates with your business.

Perfect solution commonly used by Airlines, travel agencies, local governments, restaurants, schools & universities and large enterpises.

Increase user awareness and get notified for any important changes.

Financial transactions, booking confirmation / cancellation and appointment reminders.

The simplicity of a text message gives it the advantage. Since it does not require internet connectivity, SMS are often viewed almost  immediately, with 98% of text messages read within 90 seconds, in contrast to others methods such as email which has a 15% chance to be read within 2.5 days.

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MekongNet can provide you with SMS services through an easy-to-use web portal, or through API integration with your servers. You can fully customized messages, including your sender name and you have the flexibility to send in English, Khmer or any other language. You can send to thousands of customers at the same time. 

Functions and Features

Easy to use web portal yes

We provide an  online platform where you can login and manage your account

API integration yes

Everything can be easier with  the help of automation, we can provide web developers access through API

Customized sender name yes

Empower your brand  and look  more professional using your own sender name

Customized messages yes

Have the freedom  to compose your messages the way you want to

Supported language any

You can use  English,  Khmer, Chinese and  other unicode based languages

Immediate blast yes

The ability to immediately send your message/s

Scheduled  blast yes

You can arrange exactly when you want your messages to get out

Send to Group yes

Group customers together to easily broadcast for specific purposes

Send to Individual yes

Be more precise  and send to specific people


Data Privacy and Security Through the years in the industry we have seen the negative effects of using un-official routes and unsecured platforms. We have built our reputation around the idea that our platform, uses secure and official routes to give our partners the sense of safety with their data.  Additionally we have added a special masking function, for when using our sms platform for user authentication (OTPs  with apps). With this extra  functionality only the target receipient can see the code  and everyone including the administrator will not see it.

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