IP Transit

MekongNet’s IP Transit Service connects your network (BGP Border Router) to MekongNet IP network (BGP Border Router) which enables your network to become part of the Internet.

MekongNet IP Transit Service is the ultimate for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), mobile operators and contents providers who desire for One-hop global connectivity to major internet peering points and content resource.

To connect this service you need to have an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and a range of Provider Independent (PI) public IP address, which are assigned by Internet registry such as APNIC. MekongNet’s IP Transit service will deliver to the customer an option of default route, whether it is partial route or full routing table that routing protocol BGP-4. MekongNet will then publicize your IP prefixes to the rest of the Internet.

Key reimbursement

  • Our IP Transit links directly to BGP border router where BGP routing transit customer’s traffic directly to upstream providers and internet.
  • We provide reliability and quality internet connectivity with high performance and scalability.
  • Multiple upstream connectivity enable constant update of the IP Transit user’s prefixes, which are announced to the internet all the time and thus brings reliable internet traffic to the user’s network.
  • Flexible Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) communities allow user-beneficial traffic engineering
  • Be able to upgrade to MPLS VPN soon with effective cost and QoS applied end-to-end for user’s international lease channel.

Characters of Fiber Optic Cable include

  • Enormous Bandwidth
  • Flexible to upgrade
  • Flexible to upgrade
  • Short length of cable diameter and light weight Security
  • Immunity to Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)