Why do organizations need Domestic Private Leased Circuit?

01 September, 2023 | BySambath

Why do organizations need Domestic Private Leased Circuit?

Data demands are growing rapidly and businesses are finding they require a faster, more secure connection to keep up with the competition and to provide the service their customers expect.

A dedicated leased line is a fibre optic cable that runs from your business directly to the exchange. The cable can deliver ultra-fast speeds that no other service can beat.

Businesses can benefit from switching from broadband to a dedicated leased line in many ways: 

Consistency and scalability  

With the rise of technology, businesses now rely on a consistent and high-speed internet connection. SME’s are expected to respond to customers in an instant, to store and transfer large amounts of data daily and to work without disruption.

A dedicated leased line ensures companies no longer have to share their connectivity with others which can often slow the connection down, especially at busy times. Instead, you’ll receive a consistent, committed bandwidth at all times meaning you can always provide and achieve what you promise to your customers.

The use of a leased line also means you can quickly and easily scale your connectivity up or down, so you always pay for the connectivity that matches the exact demands of your business. 


With scalability, also comes cost-saving. The benefit of being able to scale your connectivity to adapt to your changing requirements means you can achieve the most cost-effective connectivity for your business, at all times.

The cost of leased lines has dropped and they are becoming a much more cost-effective option for many businesses. 


Why MekongNet ? 

Our experience and expertise in Internet providing means we understand how critical the internet is to your business. Our service level agreement guarantees 99.99% availability.  Not only do we provide competitive pricing – offering affordable price in Cambodia – but we also provide the MekongNet service promise, meaning we offer the ultimate internet connectivity, backed-up by our unrivaled expertise and a personal, hands-on approach.

If you want to ensure your business stays competitive with the quickest, most consistent and cost-effective internet connection, then give us a call on 023 22 66 22│093 22 25 00, email:

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