Fiber To The Home

Fiber To The Home or FTTH is designed to deliver high speed communication signal over optical fiber from operator’s switching equipment all the way to the customer's home. It also provides much  higher bandwidth to consumers, which  enables high speed data, video and voice services.

Why get Home fiber internet with MekongNet?

Fiber is generally faster than regular DSL but is often limited by the quality of the actual fiber optic lines. MekongNet ISP understands this, so we combined more than 15 years of experience and knowledge to offer very high quality fiber internet for consumer

Home fiber internet is perfect for?

Online Learning (students and teachers) and Work From Home employees.

In the year 2020, technology has played a huge part in revolutionizing lives of people, e-learning is more popular than ever. Home Fiber internet works well to provide you high speed and stable connections for learning platforms such as Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft teams and Skype.

Designed around your family's internet needs.

Browsing on social media like facebook, instagram, tiktok. Watching videos on youtube for the kids, online news for mom and dad, netflix and movie streaming for mom and dad.


Our Starter Plans

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You can choose from our basic internet plans, all these plans you would also enjoy the benefit of 50Mbps local speed and Double speed at night (6pm to 6am) and on weekends(Saturday and Sunday).

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